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Brush Filling Materials

Our industrial brushes are supplied with synthetic, abrasive nylon, natural and wire bristles. The bristles are the working action of the brush and deserve plenty of attention in designing your industrial brush tool.

Synthetic Filaments

Filament offers a combination of excellent bend recovery, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. All nylons absorb water in wet conditions reducing the filament stiffness. Nylon has the highest heat deflection temperature, but is prone to oxidation embrittlement with long exposures to high temperatures. Nylon filaments are made with different characteristics, available in crimped or level (straight) fibers, several filament diameters, and colors.

Abrasive Nylon Filaments:
An abrasive filament that combines nylon and abrasive grit in a special formulation to deliver strength, stiffness even when wet, durability and chemical resistance. The abrasive grit is uniformly dispersed throughout the filament. Unique filament because the sharp cutting edges of grit can be held firmly against any surface no matter what its shape. As the brush moves against the surface, the cutting edges of the grit make good contact because the flexible filaments bend at various angles to fit the surface contour. Abrasive filaments are aggressive on the sides as well as the tips.
Silicate is a fine grade abrasive filament for fine finishing and cleaning. It is used most commonly in miniature twisted-in-wire brushes.
Aluminum Oxide is more impact resistant compared to silicon carbide and is less likely to fracture and is preferred for finishing soft metals or other materials where a smooth finish is required.
Silicon Carbide is a harder, sharper and more aggressive than aluminum oxide and is preferred for finishing ferrous metals.

Natural Filaments

All natural fibers are dependable substitutions for applications where synthetic filaments are not suited. "Mother Nature" provides a wide variety of natural fibers such as horsehair, goat hair, tampico and bristle (boar or hog hair) for industrial applications. Artist brushes use natural fibers including bristle, ox hair, sable, and camel hair.


Can be very aggressive, withstands heat, available in Oil Tempered Steel, Stainless Steel, Phosphor Bronze & Brass.



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