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Material Suppliers

DuPont Filaments now offers a wide range of monofilaments for premium quality brushes and unique industrial applications. From cosmetic brushes to toothbrushes, industrial brushes to paintbrushes, DuPont makes the filaments in the colors, stiffness, softness, whatever the need for your application.

HAHL's abrasive filaments are manufactured from Nylon 6, Nylon 610 and Nylon 612 polymers and are available in SiC, AO, Ceramic, Diamond and DIAMIC grit. The vast majority of our range is available for immediate delivery from stock.

"TORAYGRIT" is bristle which utilizes a special spinning yarn technology and contains grinding grit, and is used for high performance abrasive and grinding brushes. It has many superb features, such as toughness, strain resistance, rub resistance and chemical resistance, and has been widely used for grinding purposes.



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